What is CroKing?

CroKing ($CRK) is a rewards token that pays you $CRO for holding $CRK.

What is CRO?

CRO is the platform token for the Cronos EVM chain on Cosmos, and is the platform token established by Please check the web site for all the benefits of holding and staking CRO.

How does CroKing work?

Simple! Buy CroKing (CRK) and hold it. Earn CRO!

Do I have to claim the CRO rewards?

No. The CRO rewards are automatically deposited to your wallet as WCRO (wrapped CRO). See below regarding adding the WCRO token contract to your wallet.

What wallets can I use?

Any EVM compatible wallet will work. The two most popular wallets are MetaMask, and the Crypto.Com DeFI wallet.

How much do I need to buy?

You must hold at least 7.5 billion CRK in your wallet to begin earning CRO rewards. The current price of CRK can be found on the Crodex and MM Finance exchanges.

How much CRO will I earn?

7% of every CRK transaction is allocated to CRO rewards, which are distributed to all CRK holders in proportion to their holdings (so long as you hold 7.5 billion CRK or more). Total rewards earned depends on the volume of transactions, and the price of CRK. The more CRK you hold, the more CRO rewards you will earn!

Why is CRK different than other reflections tokens?

Because it's pays you CRO. Other reflections tokens typically pay you the same token that you hold. CroKing pays you with the Cronos platform token ($CRO). It's equivalent to earning ETH on the Ethereum chain. CRO is the platform token of the Cronos chain and has countless use cases, the most popular of which are the powerful interest earnings and the very popular debit cards that come with a variety of card holder benefits.

Is CroKing liquidity locked?

Yes, liquidity is locked at Hibiki.

Has CRK been audited?

Yes. Please visit this link to review the audit.

What is WCRO?

WCRO is simply "wrapped CRO". It's CRO, with a smart contract wrapper. You can unwrap WCRO to CRO on practically any exchange on the Cronos platform, typically for a few pennies, or even for free.

What can I do with CRO earned from CroKing?

Holding CRO is like holding ETH. You can exchange it for practically any other token on the Cronos chain, use it for liquidity farming, stake it on for cardholder benefits and interest earnings, and many other use cases.

What is the Dividend Tracker token?

When you purchase CRK, you will also receive a DividendTracker utility token in your wallet, which facilitates paying your CRO rewards. You don’t need to do anything with it except hold it in the wallet where you want the CRO rewards to go. You do not need to import the Dividend Tracker token into your wallet to earn CRO rewards.

Where can I view my CRO rewards?

You will see WCRO accumulating automatically in your wallet! You can also view information about your rewards and the total community rewards on the CroKing dApp

Does CRK get burned?

No. It does not make economic sense to burn CRK, as all of the future rewards for burned CRK would also be burned. Please see the CRK roadmap for more details on upcoming CRK utility plans.