We are a young team with a lot of experience in cryptocurrency. We are fully involved with the community, doing constantly Q&A and are there to answer questions.
Openness and transparency are really important points for us.

Cronos is uniquely positioned as an EVM chain on Cosmos, which allows them to have interoperability at their core. We envision that as the Cronos bridge evolves, it will unleash a whole new dimension of cross-chain value transfer between multiple EVM and Cosmos-based chains.
As a new ecosystem flourishes, many projects come and go. We hope that by choosing Cronos as our home, we can have a long-lasting impact as a community project on Cronos.
Let’s keep it simple: we love their vision and we love the opportunities that come from that vision.
If you believe in the future of Cronos, you better believe in CroKing, too.

As of right now no, we believe with us being doxxed and having our faces out there we are trusted enough to not have to do this. The reason being for this is obviously with the future of the roadmap we will need ownership of the contract to perform certain functions which will be needed along the way.

Yes, we got audited by Tech Audit. Check the Menu for that Audit.

Certik will following soon!

5% of each transaction is collected on a dividend tracker! When a threshold of 200kk tokens has been collected there, the rewards will be distributed to all holders proportionally to their CRK wallet balance.

You must hold at least 7,500,000,000 CRK to receive the rewards.