We are the first reward token on the Cronos Chain with CRO Rewards.

This page is still under construction. We would be very happy about your feedback


  • Initial Marketing & Presale via

    Up until the 26th December at 5PM UTC our whitelist sign up will take place. Please fill the form out at the bottom of our website for a chance to be selected for this, upon being selected you can check for your Address on the pinned sheet on 27 December at 11am UTC. On the 27 December at 8PM UTC you will have the chance to participate in the presale (37500 CRO SoftCap, 75000 CRO HardCap, 100 CRO Minimum & 1500 CRO Max contribution). After 10 minutes if the 75000 CRO hard cap isn't full we will open to the public.

  • Launch via DEX (TBA)

    On the 28th of December 2021 at 8PM UTC we will be going live on a DEX (we will announce soon) after our presale being filled the day before, any changes to this will be stated in the telegram in good time before launch. Please only purchase from the contract on this website or the pinned posts in the telegram.

  • Audit

    Our Contract is written by HashEx. They have a lot of experience with Smart Contracts. We will also have an audit done by Tech Audit.

  • Multiple Different Listings Such As CoinMarketCap Etc.

    Within the first day of launching we will be applying to multiple listing websites such as CoinMarketCap & CoinGecko, we believe we will be able to get listed within a week, after that we will make sure to continue to broaden out onto other platforms.

  • Reach $25 Million Market Cap

    A Mid to long term goal for us would to be able to reach the $25 million market cap, obviously after this the sky is the limit.

Our Total Supply is with 9 decimals


We are a team with a lot of experience in crypto, we are doxxed and we will do our best to make this project one of the most successful on cronochain. The names & social media accounts of the dev teams members can be found below the FAQ section. Almost all of the team have images of them on their social media too. Be part of it!!!

Cronos is uniquely positioned as an EVM chain on Cosmos, which allows them to have interoperability at their core. We envision that as the Cronos bridge evolves, it will unleash a whole new dimension of cross-chain value transfer between multiple EVM and Cosmos-based chains.
As a new ecosystem flourishes, many projects come and go. We hope that by choosing Cronos as our home, we can have a long-lasting impact as a community project on Cronos.
Let’s keep it simple: we love their vision and we love the opportunities that come from that vision.
If you believe in the future of Cronos, you better believe in CroKing, too.

Yes, liquidity is locked. Upon launch we will also provide a link proving this.


As of right now no, we believe with us being doxxed and having our faces out there we are trusted enough to not have to do this. The reason being for this is obviously with the future of the roadmap we will need ownership of the contract to perform certain functions which will be needed along the way.

Yes, we will be getting an audit from Tech Audit when our Contract is finished.

We have a max-wallet of 2%.